Janna Prinsloo Art

“Colour My Seasons” is a body of work created in 2018-219, and exhibited in 2020. It consists of small works, grouped together, each group focusing on a different colour, and each colour representing a different season.

Life is a journey that takes us through various stages: seasons of new beginnings – always exciting and filled with anticipation; seasons of growth – of hard work and some stretching; seasons of harvest - and reaping what the hard work has brought; seasons of winter - of endings, death, and often waiting… for spring and new life to come round once again. Thus we see cycles in life that repeat themselves and recognising the pattern of these different stages and specifically the period you are in currently, can bring wisdom in knowing how to navigate your season with its challenges and joys.

Your Thoughts Define Me, oil on board, 33x44cm

Infinite Joy, oil on board, 33x34cm

Sea of Purification, oil on board, 33x34cm

Snow Leopard, oil on board, 33x53cm

Winter Forest, oil on board, 33x53cm

Winter In My Soul, oil on board, 44x33cm

Grace On Fire, oil on board, 33x44cm

Graceful Splendour, oil on board, 40x30cm

River Of Endurance, oil on board, 33x44cm

Tangerine Sky, oil on board, 34x45cm

Revive My Spirit in the Night, oil on board, 35x45cm


Double Portion, oil on board, 35x45cm

Burning To Black Ashes, oil on board, 33x34cm

Overcomer, oil on board, 44x33cm

Small Beginnings, oil on board, 33x44cm

Autum, oil on board, 30x34cm

Hope in Autum, oil on board, 34x40cm

Elegance, oil on board, 33x44cm

End of Winter, oil on board, 39x30cm

Fisherman in Winter, oil on board, 34x40cm

Steadfast, oil on board, 40x30cm

Grounded, oil on board, 30x40cm

Forest of Brown, oil on board, 30x40cm

Re-evaluate, oil on board, 40x30cm

Deer, oil on board, 30x40cm

Brown Wolf, oil on board, 30x40cm

Trees by the Lake, Oil on board, 30x40cm

Forest Of Peace, oil on board, 33x53cm

Protector Of Peace, oil on board, 44x33cm

The Bride, oil on board, 44x33cm

All images are copyrighted to Janna Prinsloo and may not be copied or reproduced without her written permission

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