Janna Prinsloo Art

Infinity In &Through Me, oil on board, 110x130cm

Infinity In &Through Me II, oil on board, 150x100cm

Reframing Dreams I, oil on board, 120x93cm

Reframing Dreams IV, oil on board, 150x100cm

Infinity In &Through Me IV, oil on board, 70x54cm

Infinity In &Through Me III, oil on board, 150x120cm

Reframing Dreams II, oil on board, 150x100cm

Reframing Dreams III, oil on board, 150x100cm

Reframing Dreams V, oil on board, 122x93cm

Inspired, oil on board, 90x120cm

All images are copyrighted to Janna Prinsloo and may not be copied or reproduced without her written permission

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