Janna Prinsloo Art

The Speaking Mountains, oil & acrylic on canvas,  90x120cm

Mercy Trickling Into the Frozen, oil & acrylic on canvas,60x70cm

Persevering Passion, oil & acrylic on canvas,60x50cm

Stepping Over the Edge of Time, oil & acrylic on canvas, 120x150cm

Exploding Inspiration, oil & acrylic on canvas,120x150cm

Adventure Awaits, oil & acrylic on canvas,70x120cm

Sun-kissed Mountains with Pines,  oil & acrylics on canvas,70x120x4.5cm

Lady in the Water, oil & acrylic on canvas, 50x60x2.2cm

The Echo of Actions, oil & acrylic on canvas,70x90cm

Dissipating Mist, oil & acrylic on canvas,90x70cm

Penetration, oil &acrylic on canvas, 50x60cm

Let's Go! oil & acrylic on canvas, 70x60cm

Frequency, oil & acrylic on canvas,60x70cm

Light playing on Mountains, oil & acrylic on canvas, 70x120cm

Lightnings, oil & acrylic on board, 33x44cm

Divine interruption 1, oil & acrylic on board, 91x122cm

Divine interruption 2, oil & acrylic on board, 44x33cm

Emersion, oil & acrylic on board,70x45cm

Meet Hope, oil & acrylic on board. 59x70cm

Under the Surface, oil & acrylic on board,30x30cm

Royal Structure, oil & acrylic on board, 70x59cm

Perceiving, oil & acrylic on board,33x44cm

Interference from Above 2, acrylic & oil on board,70x45cm

Interference from Above 1, acrylic & oil on board,70x45cm

Wisdom Talks, oil & acrylic on board, 30x30cm

Clues Imbedded In the Soul 2, oil on board, 30x30cm

Clues Imbedded in the Soul 1, oil & acrylic on board, 44x33cm

A Soul Tethering 1, oil & acrylic on board, 59x70cm

A Soul Tethering 2, oil & acrylic on board, 45x70cm

Cardio-gnosis, oil & acrylic on board, 30x30cm

Keys to Destiny 1, oil on board, 30x30cm

Keys to Destiny 2, oil on board, 30x30cm

Born For, oil on canvas, 122x91cm

Destined, oil& acrylic on canvas, 120x90cm

Destined 2, acrylic & oil on canvas,65x115cm

Look Up,  oil & acrylic on canvas,  93x73cm

Relocation Necessary,  oil & acrylic on canvas, 53x65cm

Inner Expression, oil & acrylic on canvas, 63x81cm

All images are copyrighted to Janna Prinsloo and may not be copied or reproduced without her written permission 

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