Janna Prinsloo Art

Inception, oil & acrylic on board, 78x63x3.5cm

Stimulation, oil & acrylic on board, 76x66x0.6cm

Fusion, oil & acrylic on board, 150x122cm

Interaction, oil & acrylic on board, 94x122x0.6cm

Interlinkage, oil & acrylic on board, 33x44x1.6cm

Collision, oil on board, 33x44x1.6cm

Impression, oil & acrylic on board, 60x60x2.5cm

Reverberation, oil & acrylic on board.44x33x1.6cm

Paradigm, Oil & acrylic on board, 44x33x1.6cm

Infusion, oil on board, 55x66cm

Transformation, oil & acrylic on board, 55x44x0.6cm

Circulate, oil & acrylic on board, 55x44x0.6cm

Inspired II, oil on canvas, 60x50x2cm

Afloat, acrylic & oil on canvas, 90x75cm

Passion, oil on canvas, 150x120cm

Thought, oil on canvas, 90x75cm

Afterthought, oil on board, 54x70cm

Under Construction, oil on canvas, 90x75cm

Places of the Past, oil on canvas, 25x25x2cm


Ready for Combat, oil on canvas, 25x30x2cm

Pine Trees, oil on canvas, 30x25x2cm

Lock-Down Cabin Fever 1, oil on canvas,20x20x4.5cm

Lockdown Freeze, oil on board, 30x30x5cm

Roundtrip Interrupted, oil on board, 30 diameter x0.3cm

Yellow Raincoat, oil on canvas, 25x25x2cm

Lock-Down Cabin Fever 2, oil on canvas,40x30x5cm


All images are copyrighted to Janna Prinsloo and may not be copied or reproduced without her written permission

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